ALL-IN-ONE Monitoring

The Energy Portal for everything
Our portal is the central control centre for the monitoring, service and management of your energy systems
ALL-IN-ONE Monitoring
Monitor every level of your entire systems portfolio, from components such as storage, PV, diesel generators or charging infrastructure to installation KPIs
Data Analysis & Reporting
Detailed data analysis and alerting help you to problem-solving, optimize performance and keep everything under control
E-Mobility Backend & Simulator
Complete E-Mobility Backend for prioritization and supervising of charging infrastructure & Component Simulator for automated economic efficiency calculations of new components

Portal Highlights

Our portal is ac cloud-based solution for monitoring, servicing and managing your systems. Help identify and troubleshoot errors, analyse data centrally to improve performance, manage customers & installations, and supervise your energy projects. Our innovative extensions such as simulator and E-Mobility Backend also offer an ALL-IN_ONE solution for your energy projects.

Our portal offers the following functions, among others:

  • Installation overview and management
  • Control room & operational management
  • Detailed data analysis for all components
  • PV yield analysis
  • Energy sources & load profile analysis
  • Reporting & Alerting
  • Separation of system partner & end customer access
  • Location management with map
  • Customer administration
  • Data access via API
  • Component Simulator
  • E-Mobility backend for closed user groups

With our portal energy management is SIMPLE!

Extensive functionality

Live access, Extensive reporting, Detailed plant overview

Experience a fully comprehensive EMS portal for sector coupling that leaves nothing to be desired!

New Highlights and Functions

  • Plant flow diagram and flexible component display

    Keep an eye on your plant in real time and create a Flexible Plant Overview that shows you all components at a glance.

  • Real-time control

    View your consumption and plant values live and control your plant in real time directly from the portal.

  • Enterprise management

    Manage your assets, employees, reports and more across the enterprise with Portal Enterprise Management. Grant gradual access rights and keep everything in view.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Customizable and unlimited configurable energy reports with extensive selection of reporting modules for smart and flexible energy reporting.

  • Detailed data evaluation and analysis

    Evaluation of all relevant data points of all components including status messages and errors.

Extended modules and functions

The Component Simulator

You always wanted to know what would happen to an existing system if you build a battery storage or a PV system? The simulator has the answer!

The component simulator enables the simulation of automated economic efficiency calculations by adding new components on a real plant.

Highlights and Functions

  • Real Simulation

    The simulator simulates and calculates the costs and savings on the basis of a real simulation over the entire designated period (up to one year) and thus determines values that are very close to the real application

  • Free component definition

    Add components like PV and memory to the plant, change the sizes as you like and compare the resulting inheritance to see which size is optimal for the plant

  • Flexible load profiles via Excel, CSV or from existing plants

    Select whether you want to import a load profile as excel file, CSV file, from an existing plant or as predefined standard profile

  • Simulation of PV systems

    Determine the own consumption of PV systems as well as the generation and yield of the existing system. PV-generations can be imported from Excle/CSV files, from existing plants or from standard plants

  • Simulation of own consumption battery storage

    Simulate the behaviour of battery storage systems in conjunction with PV systems to optimise your own consumption and thus see the economic efficiency of the battery storage system in the overall system

  • Simulation of Peak-Shaving Saving / peak load capping

    Determine the optimal peak load capping value, memory performance and memory size as well as the economy of peak-shaving memories using a real simulation. The tool automatically detects from the load profile whether the memory is sufficiently dimensioned for peak load capping

E-Mobility Backend

The E-Mobility Backend is the innovative solution for the cross-site management and monitoring of charging infrastructure. Especially in combination with the local charging and energy management controller, the E-Mobility Backend forms a holistic solution for commercial charging infrastructure.

The Highlights

  • Location overlapping administration in closed user circle

    In the E-Mobility Backend, several backends can be assigned to one E-Mobility Aggregator, thus enabling cross-location management of charging cards. You can thus determine different administrators for the maintenance of the E-Mobility Backend for your individual company locations.

  • Recording and evaluation of all charging processes

    All charging processes, including all charging processes authorized via a public CPO backend, are recorded in the E-Mobility backend. A clear analysis and evaluation of all charging processes of the E-Mobility Aggregator takes place in the back end.

  • Superimposed prioritization of charging stations and charging cards

    In combination with the local charging and energy management controller, it is possible to set a superimposed prioritisation for each charging infrastructure. The e-mobility backend allows to define a user prioritisation list and the local controller allows to prioritise charging stations.
    This allows you to charge your electric vehicles intelligently, reliably and cost-effective.

    The following user prioritisation is available:

    A. FAST - Prioritized User
    First level to be supplied with charging energy. For instances, fleet vehicles should be charged before employees vehicles.

    B. NORMAL - Prioritized User
    Second level after FAST - Prioritized Users are supplied with charging energy.

    C. SLOW - Prioritized User
    Third level after FAST & NORMAL- Prioritized Users are supplied with charging power. For instances, this level can be for electric vehicles which are normally parked for long period of time and therefore can be charged after the highest prioritised vehicles.

    D. FLAG - Prioritized User
    The FLAG - Prioritisation allows to define bespoke conditions to charge electric vehicles. For instances, a targeted charging of electric vehicles with solar power or based on battery SOC can be achieved.

  • Connection of a higher-level CPO backend

    Through the local proxy server, a simple connection to a higher-level CPO backend is possible, which allows you to flexibly charge customers at the charging infrastructure. This enables you to manage and control public and private charging stations at one location with one system.

  • Export and filtering of loading processes via CSV for billing

    The loading processes are recorded in a list and can be flexibly filtered and exported. This enables further processing in a company accounting program of the customer.